The benefits of using Solatainer

Whilst visiting a site today – and demonstrating the Online portal behind the Solatainer, our customer was astonished to see that over 95% of the sites were running on Solar or Battery at the time. We thought we should dig a little deeper…

July 18, 2018

Crossrail embraces solar with Solatainer

Fantastic to see this Crossrail site (Welfare and security) running from Solar from our Solatainer today.

February 22, 2018
50 shades greener

50 Shades of Green

About a year ago, I wrote my first blog when I was made redundant from the company formerly known as Firefly. The year since has been turbulent to say the very least but things are now very much on the right track. Recently, I met a few people at the Executive Hire Show last week, who asked me for the next installment……So here it is!

February 18, 2018