Savings Based on a 6 Cabin Set Up

Revised Set Up – Incorporating AutoMate

60 kVA Generator – Running at an average of quarter load.
Fuel Consumption – 6.8 litres / hour x 24 hours x 30 days = 4,896 litres fuel
Cost – 4,896 litres x £ 0.60 = £ 2,937.00

Saving per month £ 1,815 on fuel, equating to £ 422 per week

Saving achieved allowing for hire of AutoMate – £ 222 per week

Fuel & Carbon Savings per month – 3024 litres / month, 8,104kg CO2

No savings included on generator size or elimination of distribution board



Use cutting-edge technology to cut construction site emissions by up to 80%.

Small but mighty, Automate® uses sensors, actuators, and software to measure, monitor and control power consumption across multiple portacabins on a construction site.

Using the power of AI, it intuitively diverts power away from non-essential usage and supplies additional power where and when it’s needed.

The result?

Maximum site efficiency, lower emissions, and huge savings on both costs and carbon.

The Benefits of AUTOMATE

  • Cuts fuel costs by up to £ 300 per week, based on a typical 6 to 8 cabin site
  • Reduces generator size by up to 50%
  • Minimises environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Can be retro fitted to any site set up
  • A modular design means it can be adapted to sites of any size
  • Offers on site air quality monitoring and reporting
  • AI-driven power manages electrical load and peak usage
  • Door sensors intelligently activate heating
  • Replaces conventional external on-site distribution boards
  • Discreetly switches non-critical loads (such as heaters) for short periods of peak demand
  • Can be viewed and monitored online
  • Offers remote monitoring of individual loads or cabins
  • Provides noise-level monitoring
  • Drying rooms can be activated by rain sensors
  • Weekly / monthly reports on fuel and carbon savings at both individual site level and aggregated project level
  • Geo-fencing allows cabins to be energised as personnel approach site
  • Integration with plant and machinery fully optimises Plant operational usage
  • Enhances CSR, corporate image, and reputation

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