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GaiaGroup UK

We create off-grid energy solutions with you, your targets, and the environment in mind

At GaiaGroup UK, we help construction sites reduce their CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by as much as 80%.

Led by the vision of MD and engineer, Jamie Morris, our cutting-edge hybrid power solutions have been reducing the carbon footprint of construction sites across the UK since 2011.

We know how important it is to deliver optimum site power with minimal environmental impact – and that’s exactly what we deliver.

As pressure mounts to reduce construction site CO2 and diesel emissions, we’re committed to developing solar and AI-driven solutions that deliver huge savings for both organisations and the environment.




Use cutting-edge technology to cut construction site emissions by up to 80%.

Small but mighty, Automate® uses sensors, actuators, and software to measure, monitor and control power consumption across multiple portacabins on a construction site.




Access off-grid power, wherever and whenever you need it.

Solatainer® uses integrated renewable power and storage, alongside a diesel-power back-up, to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, carbon footprint, and energy costs.

Greener construction, better outcomes

GaiaGroup UK is committed to more sustainable construction. Our hybrid power solutions help clients across the UK to reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions, save money, and gain a competitive edge.

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