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Gaiagroup UK Renewable Energy – the green hire company – is committed to developing integrated hybrid power solutions, which deliver site power with minimal environmental impact.  Our products the Solatainer® and Solawedge® are scalable to 200kw and beyond. Gaiagroup UK’s solutions have been successfully demonstrated in the construction, rail, infrastructure and events sectors providing dramatic cost savings and a secure energy supply.  

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provides sites with autonomous off-grid power wherever it’s needed – using integrated renewable energy sources. Gaiagroup UK offers several upgrades to the standard Solatainer package, including: towing facility, wind turbine and CHP.

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is a unique, award winning, inflatable mounting system that allows rapid deployment across unprepared land or water. Solawedge allows  you to build multi-kilowatt PV systems in a matter of hours.

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Gaiagroup UKRenewable Energy continues to exceed customers expectations in terms of economic benefits and environmental considerations.

Our Case studies clearly show that Solatainer is not just a means of reducing emissions and associated carbon footprint but also delivers consistent monetary savings each month.

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