Reducing CO2 impact – drive energy efficiency on site with hybrid power

Does your site need to reduce the runtime of generators, deliver a reduction in noise pollution, or reduce diesel fuel CO2, NOx and PM emissions to meet site targets? If so, the Solatainer can provide a proven hybrid solution that meets your project needs.

The construction sector is under ever increasing pressure to limit its impact on the environment and the people living nearby to sites. Innovative products, combined with smart reporting technology, allows contractors to not only improve site environmental performance, but also easily feed data into wider regulatory schemes such as ESOS.

All our Solatainers have been built to operate in remote conditions without any loss of efficiency – meaning they are ideal for construction, infrastructure or rail projects across the UK.

With a range of options and specifications, the Ecoxero Solatainer is suitable for powering a range facilities on site which would normally be powered by generators in the range of 30kVA – 100kVA.



  • Autonomous off-grid power supply
  • Reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Available in single or three phase configuration
  • Can be used as direct replacement for diesel gensets upto 100 kW
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provides sites with autonomous off-grid power wherever it’s needed – using integrated renewable energy sources.

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is a unique, inflatable mounting system that allows rapid deployment across unprepared land or water.

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