Find out more about Gaiagroup UK

Gaiagroup UK was established in 2011 with the sole objective to change the way remote and off-grid power systems were designed and supplied. From the very first Solawedge products, to the very latest Solatainer – Gaiagroup UK is continuously innovating and optimising the solutions delivered to their customers to help them reduce environmental impact and fuel consumption on sites across the UK. 

Our hybrid Solatainers combine proven power generation technology alongside leading energy storage systems,all supported with sophisticated Victron control and reporting. Solatainers are designed for the generation of electrical power in locations where traditional grid connection is unavailable and reduction of environmental impact from emissions and noise is required.

Hybrid power enables sites to reduce emissions and improve temporary site power efficiency.  With our Solatainers we use two or more energy sources for producing electricity: traditional temporary power generation, using a diesel generator, combined with renewable power sources: solar and wind.

The energy storage technology allows our systems to deliver silent power when needed i.e. during night time operation.

Use of the latest battery technology means our hybrid power solutions offer reliable storage capabilities, allowing the most efficient use of the power generated.

The business was founded by Jamie Morris, qualified electrical engineer, in 2011. Jamie has extensive experience in renewable energy solutions and has sold and installed numerous commercial PV solutions to Blue-chip customers including The Royal Mint, The NHS, local authorities and Milford Haven Port Authority.

If you are interested in working with us or want to find out more about our product offering then please contact us now.

solatainer on site
Solatainer being used on the railway