50 shades greener

About a year ago, I wrote my first blog when I was made redundant from the company formerly known as Firefly. The year since has been turbulent to say the very least but things are now very much on the right track. Recently, I met a few people at the Executive Hire Show last week, who asked me for the next installment……So here it is!

When I left Firefly I was reminded that in my contract I could not work for another Hybrid company, and hence I had to serve my notice period accordingly. The company then went into administration whilst I was on garden leave, and elected not to pay me for my notice, expenses or for any commission paid. I had not really looked hard for a job after they warned me off, so eventually left the company somewhat disillusioned and well out of pocket.


I had a few offers on the table from some of the most well known names in both Plant Hire and Generator hire, as well as some other interesting offers. However I felt that after being responsible for driving the shift from generators to hybrid (battery storage) that it would be unethical to join a company that did not share my values or beliefs. I guess that what I am saying is that I could not join a company whose core revenue came from the hire or sale of diesel generators when I was at the forefront of change – promoting both fuel savings and carbon reduction across the construction industry and with all of my customers and end users.

As an advocate for all renewable and sustainable products – in a consultancy position , I presented to some Blue Chip projects and also met a couple of companies and discussed how I felt that they could serve their customers and the industry better. Even today, I feel that some of these companies don’t quite get it. I am glad to say that one of the companies has finally taken all of the advice given – but are using a different supplier than me now. I guess looking at my CV that was always going to happen.

Sad News

Eventually, I joined the Ecoxero as Sales Director in the April 2017; but before I could even sharpen my pencil, and get the quotes out and spread the word, We received the devastating news that my Wife’s brother (below) had taken his own life. Martin had worked in the hire industry for over 20 years, and was in fact the reason that I had ended up in this industry. April and May seemed to morph together with the funeral and gathering of any info that could shed light on this tragic event.

It really put things into perspective and showed that being a few grand out of pocket after Firefly meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Since this tragic event, I have turned much of my free time to reading up on Mental Health in our industry. Many of you will know that Suicide is the biggest single cause of death to men 40-44 (24.1 per 100,000*) and that the Construction industry is also near the top of those statistics. I would like to eventually become a ‘mental health first aider’ and am on the look out for a relevant course.

*Office for National Statistics

sad news

Ecoxero and the Solatainer

After presenting to Thames water at a Sustainability forum, I had the pleasure of working with Costain and the Eight20 team, to promote the Solatainer. At the same time I was reintroduced to the MFF team working for Network Rail in Kent and we found a perfect site to trial this genuinely innovative and renewable solution.

After carrying out the original site survey with the Environmental team, and then selling the concept to the site agent, the unit was delivered and installed.

ecoxero solatainer

The Accomodation on site near Tunbridge Wells was the first Network Rail site to be powered for 10 days and nights on purely Solar PV and battery (storage) alone.

The second site , at Cholsey was particularly innovative because it was the first to use multiple Solatainers. This site has replaced an 80 kva generator, and has saved both Money and KgCO2 Equivolent.

ecoxero solatainer 2

Executive Hire Show

As mentioned at the front of this article, I recently attended the show at Coventry. I was very pleased to meet some old friends, and discuss the previous twelve months.

It was very interesting to see the products that were on show , especially the Diesel Generators. I had some very interesting discussions around the NRMM (Non Road Moving Machinery) directive regarding engines 37kW plus.

I am looking forward to pitching my product range to the likes of HS2 and other government led contracts, because I anticipate them to be the first to mandate the use of Stage 5 compliant engines. However the likelihood is that these will cost more to buy/rent and more to run with a higher KgCO2Eq. Whereas our units are often running with Zero emissions and Zero NOx which begs the question – Should our Clean Energy Price per KW go up to match said Stage 5 generator rates?

Finally, as someone who pushes the entire Hybrid and Renewable industry – not just my own product – its good to see other companies units when I am out and about. I am not shy to give praise where praise due as I very much see that the industry needs more players to show that the sector is healthy and vibrant.

executive hire show

The Challenge Ahead

I am driven and committed to take Hybrid and Renewable power to the next level here in the UK over the next few years.

We (Ecoxero) are already engaging in some very exciting projects with Solar due to start in the next few weeks and we also have some exciting products that are due to land on sites in the very near future.

I am looking forward over these next couple of years, to challenge the established methods and equipment on sites, and will happily champion a range of products from Solatainers to Electric Dumpers. Sometimes innovation itself is not actually the innovation at all – but its the thinking that needs to change.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to publishing the next installment – Ideally in less than a years time!

The future is bright but it is not orange…..its green!

February 18, 2018 | Company News